Do Coupons Make You Spend More? And Why I Stopped Couponing?

Do Coupons Make You Spend More And Why I Stopped Couponing

Coupons can be widely found hidden in the newspapers and magazines, that you can collect and hit the grocery store to purchase items at a discounted price. Also, due to the major advancement in technology, various online portals are available for people to find an extensive range of online coupons.

However, despite the good things attached to coupons, they have some disadvantages as everything has its good and the bad side. It’s important to notice that in a way coupons can kill your financial plan due to several authentic reasons some of which are as follows:

Buying Products that You Don’t Use

Since shopping coupons are running wild among the shopaholic people because of that fact, these help to buy grocery items, household items, and many things at a discounted price. Equally important to understanding here is that coupons are basically meant to lure the customers not just to buy necessary things but also to pay for unwanted items. This ultimately kills your financial plan for saving some amount of cash from the grocery budget. Sometimes people hitting the grocery store feeling excited to have coupons with them buy things that are of no use to them.

Takes Time

The process of searching perfect range of coupons is of a lengthy kind. The consumer spends precious hours in a day to surf the internet looking for affordable coupons and run store to store to fetch discounted offer ultimately waste much of their precious time. This can also relate to providing harm to your financial plan as you waste a whole day in finding coupons and do not get enough time to deposit cash in the savings account or make an investment for the future.

You Actually Spend More than Expected

Often you reach to a grocery store with a handful of coupons collected from the newspapers, magazine or from store onwards but without a proper shopping list. This will lead you into a sense of temptation to buy everything you want with the help of coupons and end up with purchasing items you do not use. This step clearly indicates how coupons make you feel tempted to shop more and more without any reason and destroys your fiscal plans to save more cash out of grocery budget.

Food Wastage

You made a financial plan to stick to the budget and restrict any kind of wastage include food wastage. However, coupons in hands lure you to buy food you do not eat and it ends up lying idle in the kitchen cabinet or refrigerator that led to food wastage.

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